Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hinkley is 3!

I cant beleive he is 3!!! Hinkley has been talking about his brithday for weeks. He was so excited for the candles and cake. Hinkley has really been into SuperHeros. Since he does not have a mask he has been putting his underwear on his head and saying Im Iron man! Here Ezra is following brothers example.

Luckily for his birthday he got a mask! and one from his Grandma Mills too!

We woke up to find it snowing. So unfortunately none of the Mills cousins could come. But the other cousins played super hero cake walk and Super hero bowling. I made little black super hero mask but as you can see in the picture the kids did not exactly like them.

Hinkley cake is gastley! First i spelled his name wrong, Yep. So i fixed that and really did not know what else to so with it. But the kids still liked it.

Hinkley got lost of presants. He got a spiderman riding a motorcylce and clothers from Grandma Perkins. McQueen slippers from Evan and Nate, A big Truck from Sydney, Landen and Josiah. Later he got a Gun from Jack, a Semi truck from Mia , a shot gun from Stokton, and a mask, spiderman tool chest and stickers from Grandma Mills. He had a blast and still talks about his Birthday.

Hinkley got a card form his Uncle Mike and Grandma Noni. He was so excited for the money. He later layed out each dollar bill infront of him on the couch while he watched TV.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas and Snow!

We had christmas eve at the Perkins this year. We had our usual pizza, wings, and Subway. Hinkley was really exctied this year for Christmas. He wanted a motorcycle. Santa came over on Christmas eve and Hinkley was the first one in line to tell Santa what he wanted. Once Santa heard what he wanted he replied " Oh no not tell your older". Hinkley did not like this and continued to ask him for a motorcycle the entire time he was there. Christmas morning we woke Hinkley up and Dad told him Santa came. He proped his head up as fast as he could and said " Lets go see Dad" I woke Ezra up and we went up stais with our flashlight. Hinkley spotte his chair and tent. Ezra had fun crawling through the tunnels. Hinkley however, started hitting me while saying motorcycle! He then grabbed a presant and started hitting me with that. I hurried and grabbed him his toy motorcycle from his stocking. He giggled and was content. He would have been fine with out recieving anything else. Ezra enjoyed unwrapping his presants and playing with them after. Here Hinkley is at Grandma Mills playing with his new helicopter.

We woke up one morning to find the grounds covered in snow! Ezra stared out our bedroom window longing to play in it. We suited up and went out to build a snowman. Ezra loved it until he got cold. Him amd McKay did not last long. Hinkley, Sydney ( his cousin) and some of the neighbor kids and I stayed out to build a snowman.

Friday, December 9, 2011

A little of everything

I haven't posted in forever!! Here are a few pics of what we have been up to .

After Thanksgiving, we all got to gether and made these ornaments to go on Grandma Mills Tree.

Everytime we go to Grandma Hinkley loves to put this hat on.

McKay's 26 B-Day!

For Halloween the boys were Angry Birds. Ezra's costume ended up being a little small but they stil were cute Angry birds.

This is out by Greer. It is so pretty. Hopefully we will go back this summer.